You requested…we listened so we are expanding our services again --

End of Year/ Annual Reporting – Don’t know what to do with all the program and process data that you collected over the last year?  Do you need to analyze the data and find the most important details to report to your funder or constituents?  Let Mc3 Consulting Inc. assist you in getting control of the data to make the reporting easier.  We help develop all types of reports including end of year reports, quality improvement reports, fidelity reports and your annual reports.   Call us today!

Fund Development Assessment  - So you don’t have a fund development department or staff that can help you look at the best ways to raise funds for your organization.  Are grants your only source of revenue?  You need to diversify and analyze all the avenues that you are currently focused on with your fund raising goals.  Let Mc3 Consulting Inc. review and assess which areas need to be developed as your organization grows.  We can also assist in doing funding research to help you meet fund raising targets. Reach your fund raising goals by contacting us right now.

Marketing Assessment – You have a website, a facebook page and marketing materials, but are they getting you the attention you need or deserve?  Is all the information on your materials out of date and your website needs a complete overhaul?  Let Mc3 Consulting Inc. review your materials including your social media outlets and website to create a new plan for you that really represents your organization.  We all need updating sometime so take the opportunity now.

Media inquiries about Mc3 Consulting Inc should be directed to Dr. Tisa McGhee at (305)396-4623.

About Mc3 Consulting Inc

We assist clients in moving from Empowerment to Results for Individual and Organizational Change. We offer a full range of assessment, planning, training, evaluation, leadership development and grant reviewing services using integrated solutions to interrelated organizational challenges. Our mission is to improve an organization’s effectiveness using a variety of tools to change the beliefs, values and structure of the organization. Over the past 6+ years, President Dr. Tisa McGhee has consulted with multiple organizations including public, start-ups, nonprofits, private and established organizations. At the core of all of her work: Building community and systems capability as well as engaging using empowerment techniques. For more information please visit Mc3 Consulting Inc at or contact (305)396-4623.