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About Us

Mc³ Philosophy

Qualified Change Agents

We assist clients in moving from Empowerment to Results for Individual and Organizational Change. We offer a full range of assessment, planning and training services using integrated solutions to interrelated organizational challenges.

Our Mission is to improve an organization’s effectiveness using assessment, planning and training to change the beliefs, values and structure of the organization so that it can better adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

The Vision is to act as change agents guiding organization’s in building their capacity to maximize effectiveness.

Key benefits of Using Mc³ Consulting Inc.

for Organizational Change

  •  Improved individual effectiveness and confidence
  • Increased understanding and ability to communicate organization’s present state and vision
  • Optimized use of internal knowledge, talent and skill in your organization
  • Enhanced productivity and time use
  • Increased effectiveness to manage internal and external stakeholders and constituencies
  • Maximize ability to engage creativity and breakthrough thinking
  • Identify and resolve service, quality, and process gaps
  • Increase capability to engage diverse communication and work styles